Questions and answers

The following are frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Fix Central application and its use.

What is the best Java level to use with Fix Central?

Java version 1.6 thru 1.8 is required. See the Fix Central requirements for more information.

How do I order on media?

Use the Order Fixes on Media web page. Note that you will need an IBM user ID to access the web page.

Physical media orders take, on average, 5 to 9 business days to arrive.

Alternatively, Fix Central allows you to order by FTP or use Download Director (V5R3 or above). Download Director is a fast, multi-threaded download client. Using Download Director, you can download CD-ROM images to your client system that contain your ordered fixes. Using this image, you can create your own CD or put the image into an image catalog on your System i.

Note: Using disconnected ordering does not allow you to download the CD-ROM image directly to your System i.

How will I be notified for FTP orders?

When you select to use FTP to download your order, you will receive two emails. The emails will be sent to the email address in your contact information. The two emails you will receive are from the following emails addresses:

Make sure your spam filtering and firewall do not block the above emails.

What is a JNLP file (Java Web Start application)?

A Java Web Start (JWS) application runs with similar permissions as a Java applet but the JWS application runs on the client desktop instead of running inside of a browser.

The first time an application is used, Java Web Start will download the resources from Fix Central and cache them on the client machine. Upon subsequent execution of the application, Java Web Start will check if any of the resources have been updated and automatically download the newer resources if needed. This ensures the client is always running the latest version of the application.

A Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) file tells Java Web Start how to download and run the application.

Java Web Start is included in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and requires Java 6 thru Java 8 to run. Later versions of Java may no longer support Java Web Start applications.

To download and install the required version of Java go to

How do I update my IBM user ID?

To update your IBM user ID, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to My IBM profile.
  2. Update any necessary fields and then click Submit.
Additional FAQs

The following are additional FAQs that contain helpful information relevant to Fix Central.